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My name is Brad Frost, and it is impossible to overstate what American Fork means to me. It is more than just home — American Fork is my history, my inspiration and my family. I attended Forbes Elementary School here, graduated from American Fork High School here, started my family here and started a business here. This place has nurtured my family in such profound ways that each of my five children has chosen to stay in American Fork as they begin families of their own. Now, as the grandfather of seven, I find myself looking further out over the horizon, and I am entirely committed to the future of our city and its successes. I look forward to continuing to serve as the mayor of American Fork, Utah.



To me, American Fork is not just a place on the map. It has a history to be proud of, neighborhoods worth preserving and a shared future that is worth working for. As mayor, it has been my distinct honor to talk with many others that have dedicated their lives to building the community we enjoy. Our duty is not just to remember their efforts, but to recognize that as they have gotten older, their incomes often do not grow at the same pace as inflation. To me, fiscal responsibility is not just a practical matter of policy. It is how we show respect to those that have already given so much to our community. All of our ambitions and efforts to meet the needs of our growing city have to be balanced with this sacred recognition of who pays the bills. Such a balance can only be achieved through thoughtful planning, a commitment to consensus and a dedication to accomplishing the hard work of temperate statesmanship. That is what I can pledge to give to our city. That is what American Fork deserves.


As a resident and the mayor of American Fork, Utah, I understand the importance of maintaining those things that make our city a great place to live and work. Below, you can read about my priorities for our present and our future.


City utilities and roadways are a top priority to provide service and comfort to American Fork residents. During the past 4 years millions of dollars have been allocated to water, sewer, pressurized irrigation, road improvements and sidewalks throughout the city. With proper planning and priority-based funding efforts, I will continue to place a priority on upgrading and expanding this critical infrastructure throughout the city. The city’s efforts can be seen in each quadrant of our community, and yet we have much more to accomplish. I appreciate your input on areas in which the city can improve and where we can focus our efforts.


Your worst day is when you have to call for police and fire services. On that day you can be assured that professional, qualified, and well-trained public safety personnel will arrive quickly with the resources you need. I have approved funding for emergency equipment such as fire trucks, police vehicles and proper staffing levels, in addition to in-depth training exercises such as our Emergency Operations Center table top program. I practice communication and deployment operations for catastrophic “what-if” scenarios, so that when the day arrives and we need to enact these measures we are ready.


Each year, I take a deep dive into our city budget to the very core of city expenses and revenues. I take my fiduciary responsibility very seriously and believe the city must always tighten its belt and save each precious tax dollar. This has resulted in the city’s reserve fund balance being in better condition than it has been for decades. I have supported financial forecasting and the use of fiscal metrics to make better decisions with long-term financial stability in mind. Our city can make better decisions as we continue to be financially prudent.


The need for connectivity has never been more apparent than during this past year with the pandemic. I fully support continuing exploration of viable fiber options to find the one which will be the best fit for our city. Connection to our workplace, city services and to each other will continue to be a top priority as the changes in our daily routine continues to be disrupted. I appreciate the feedback I have received as we to tackle this ever-important part of infrastructure.


Many quality-of-life opportunities have been made available to American Fork City through funding sources provided by the P.A.R.C. fund. Park, Arts, Recreation and Culture programming add enjoyment to our days and enhance the lives of our residents. From plays, concerts and fitness classes to a heritage festival, life in American Fork is grand. I fully support our residents’ desire to fund these activities and will champion the great quality of life we enjoy here. I have commissioned a team of experts in real estate and planning to specifically address the need for additional parks and open space areas on the south side of our city (south of I-15). Land acquisition today will provide needed amenities for generations to come.


Our world is changing every day and it is becoming more apparent that we must continue to be good stewards of our available resources. I led efforts to preserve and protect our beautiful American Fork Canyon to retain the serenity and majesty of the canyon. Preserving the city’s pristine water supply which originates in AF canyon was of utmost importance for today and for future generations. I am also leading efforts to discover new composting methods to be used at the district sewer facility, along with placing a priority on the use of recycled water for our irrigation system. We are placing a high priority to use water-wise metering and remote watering control at our city facilities and parks. Our conservation efforts will ensure a quality water supply for those who are already here and those who come after us.

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